World AIDS Day 2018

World AIDS Day 2018

Client: World Health Organization

The Red Ribbon:

World AIDS day is a significant that occurs event every year where WHO takes the chance of to spread awareness about the disease and how to prevent it from spreading, a noble goal that we pledged to work with WHO to reach.

The Mission:

Stopping the flow:

Our mission was to show the severity and speed of HIV spreading, and how treatment can stop it and help save millions of lives. We expressed it through a simple visual showing a metaphorical yet clear presentation of how the virus spreads

Spread the Awareness:

After the main poster design we utilized the same concept to create a campaign that included different media in addition to an infographic video the gives general data about the disease and prevention techniques.


The Identity:

The Dominoes Effect:

To creatively show the ability of the virus to spread from a person to another we used the famous dominoes effect, whenever a piece falls it takes another with it and soon every domino in the line will be affected by the falling of the first domino, then we showed how treatment prevents the virus from spreading stopping this series, we created real life wooden dominoes to test the effect and the ability of the wooden piece to stop the dominoes effect and photograph it for the ad.