Client: Karim Joseph

With a concept to create an online shopping destination that made gift buying easy and enjoyable, by offering a large collection of unique handpicked gift ideas, our client needed to develop a brand name and identity that matched his creative, yet hassle free idea.


The mission: 

To target and entice internet savvy individuals who are always looking for the latest novelty items and who would rather click to buy then venture out to physical shopping. With their low attention spans, the strategy was to create a name and identity that was easy to read, understand and had a call to action.


The process:

To position the online store as a convenient shopping destination offering unique handpicked gifts, we used a Descriptive Brand Name, surfNpick to directly describe the service and benefit.


The Identity:

In creating the identity, our approach was to reflect the essence of the brand which is both creative and direct.

We used an unconventional color combination of brown and blue to ensure that the logo would be memorable in a sea of similar looking brands. The coy hand with picky fingers was incorporated to visually communicate selecting what you want.