Summit Technology Solutions (STS) Corporate B

Summit Technology Solutions (STS) Corporate B

Client: Summit Technology Solutions

Business Pros:

Summit is a leading communications & information technology and business solutions provider, with a legacy of 25 successful years as a system integrator. Such a rich professional company portfolio must be designed in a manner that properly presents who they are, that was our target.

The Mission:

Knowing Your Strengths:

First we started by doing a competitive analysis about the company based on given data, aiming to know their true points of strength in the market and what to focus on.

Show of Power:

After a precise analysis we started setting our strategy of how to show the company’s power through its portfolio, and we followed a precise path towards our vision, giving a top tier final product.

The Identity:

Beyond Technology:

Being a strong company both in the business and technical approaches, we decided to capitalize on that side, so our main focus throughout the portfolio and the base of our designs was that the company offers more than just technological solutions; they offer solutions integrating with experience in the field of business, and a modern clean design is the best way to give that impression