Skaggs and Calder Branding

Skaggs and Calder Branding

Client: Skaggs and Calder:

Passing the torch:

Skaggs and Calder is a company created by business professionals to coach and counsel businessmen, they started working in Egypt recently and we went with them through their first steps in Egypt.

The Mission:

A professional uplift:

Our first step together was working on their original logo, it needed an uplift regarding it’s details and grid system and we precisely did it.

The Big Event:

After re-adjusting the logo we started creating the designs for their first event in Egypt, creating brochures, roll-ups and Facebook posts, covering both printed and digital media to effectively approach the target audience.

The Identity:

Creating the integration:

The integration between designs is an important factor in keeping a consistent corporate identity, especially when using different media, accordingly we created a general mode for the designs, flat spaces with fixed corporate identity colors and expressive images, creating a visual presentation for different messages without breaking the visual system of the identity.