Client: Kouroum Egypt


The mission:

To relaunch Shahrazade as a young trendy world wine without losing its original equity acquired over its 10-year history.

The process:

Targeting young A/B class females ranging from 25-35 years old, the new brand identity needed to reflect their own happening lifestyle.
The original artwork was a more dated representation of the mythical Shahrazade who lived thousands of years ago telling stories in exchange for her life.
To reposition Shahrazade as a young, vivacious and trendy woman we used monochromatic line art to draw a beautiful young woman against a minimalistic blank canvas and only a touch of color. The original old style Arabian font used for the name was also replaced by modern handwriting style lettering.

The identity:

The new design depicts an image of modern art and instantly stands out on the shelf. The brand and message are instantly clear to the consumer: I’m young, trendy and artistic.