Quality Pioneers Initiative

Quality Pioneers Initiative

Client: GIZ - Egypt


The mission:

Quality Pioneers Initiative (QPI) is a program to provide instruments and criteria to enhance the quality and outcomes of training within companies participating in the GIZ’s project “Enhancement of the Egyptian Dual System (EEDS)“. Our mission was to create the program collaterals to be able to communicate with its target audience.




The process:

The initial step for this exercise was to come up with the content through simplifying the detailed technical comprehensive study that was perfectly built up by GIZ experts, into a user-friendly manual that would be easy for the final end users; the workers to be responsible for the training of the students.

We worked on communicating all of GIZ efforts through a simple professional tone of voice for the manual, we came up with the program slogan indicating GIZ vision that quality training is our gateway towards a brighter productive future, we also came up with 2 versions, Arabic and English, from the final manual that described the 7 tools needed to reach out for this quality training.



The identity:

We crafted an iconic logo using the initials of “Quality Pioneers Initiative” in blue and cyan colors that added a credible inviting look and feel to the brand, together with an infographic descriptive layout for the whole manual to help it be easily and successfully perceived by the target audience, and finally a dynamic tool of multiple boards that would help the trainers communicate with their students through an inviting channel that could be easily tailored for each organization.