Mintra Sports Logo

Mintra Sports Logo

Client: Mintra

Great Heritage… New Horizon:

Mintra is a company with a unique and great heritage in the field of paper industry, giving products of high quality without harming the environment. Now they decided to enter a new field, producing high quality athletic shoes and came looking for branding that represents the quality of the product.

The Mission: 

Make It Fly:

Our main frame of work was making the design swift and sportive, expressing an athletic spirit suitable for a unique sports shoe.

Golden Approach: 

We believe that details matter in a professional design, so our logo design was based upon a geometric grid with a group of tangent and intersecting circles and we used the golden ratio in determining the diameter of each circle to create a golden logo. Also a new font was specially designed to integrate with the designed icon, the created font was such a success that Mintra decided to replace the old word mark logo with it.

Function Meets (style/charm/beauty/trend):

As we designed the logo we carefully put into consideration how it will be used; it’s size, placement and materials used to present it on the shoe.

The Identity:

Symbolism is key:

What did we want the logo to represent? Speed? Strength? Being an Egyptian company with a unique product? We did it all using the eagle symbol. A fast strong animal that is presented on the Egyptian flag as a national symbol, the eagle says it all.