Methanex Internal Marketing Campaign

Methanex Internal Marketing Campaign

Client: Methanex

Strength Through Unity:

In a strong international corporate, teamwork is essential for success. Therefore, when Methanex approached us with the request of creating an internal marketing campaign, we knew that they needed a specific message to be delivered in a strong manner.

Methanex Posters

The Mission:

4 Pillars, 1Team:

We wanted to go straight to the idea of unity within a single structure, so we focused on the 4 core values of Methanex; integrity, professionalism, respect and trust. Using these values in strengthening the team bonds and creating a sense of unity through sharing positive ideas and values between team members which will eventually result in enhancing the loyalty towards the work environment.

Methanex Logo

All for One:

The campaign was launched both in English and in Arabic, and used different print collaterals. All collaterals aimed for one goal, which is reminding the target audience with the values they need to possess during their daily work work days. Collaterals included posters, roll-ups, calendars and danglers and were selected upon their ability to reach the target audience and how much they come in contact with them.

Methanex Roll-up

Methanex Danglers

Methanex Calendar

The Identity:

Simply to the Point:

Starting from the logo and going through the designs, everything is simple and to the point. The message is clear and the visuals are expressive, going directly to the aim of the campaign.

Methanex Poster Arabic and English

Methanex Calendar