Kiddo Dallah - Beyti

Kiddo Dallah - Beyti

Client: Beyti – Dallah Group

The mission:

After mastering the Egyptian local market, Dallah group decided to penetrate the “export” market through a new product line of “Kids Juice”.


The process:

Our main challenge was to bring this brand to life through an outstanding package that would act as the brand ambassador within this new market, inviting and appealing to the kids and still portrays the credibility and heritage of “Dallah” brand that would assure the parents and by this, help them both in the process of purchase decision.


The identity:

We crafted vivid dynamic 10 characters for Dallah new brand “Kiddo Juice” using a distinctive color pallette and a cheerful inviting mood for each of the 5 flavors, ensuring the package would stand out on the shelf inviting the kids to enjoy a new adventure with each and every sip.