Client: Healing Grace

A non-profit organization dedicated to the sponsorship, wellbeing and development of children in need.


The mission:

While Healing Grace caters to the needs of children, its primary target is adult sponsors looking to fully understand and aid the program. Accordingly, the logo needed a facelift to project professionalism and the seriousness of the cause.


The process:

To communicate professionalism, the logo needed to transition into something stronger and clearer while still maintaining the playfulness associated with children.

Moreover, with charity activities listed as sub-brands under the mother brand, the logo became diluted with different messages.


The identity:

Adopting an approach of less is more, we stripped the logo down to its essential elements keeping only two pantone color and changing the brushstrokes to singular smooth lines. The new logo is now relevant to partners and donors and delivers a clear benefit for the change.