Farm Cheese

Farm Cheese

Client: Farm Cheese

The mission: 

Farm Cheese was founded in 1991 as an Egyptian share holding company. The company leads the field when it comes to producing & supplying top quality of: semi-hard cheese like Gouda, Edam, Cheddar, Emmental,…etc., soft cheese like Mozzarella “blocks & shredded”, processed cheese with 10 different flavors, white cheese like Feta & low salt. Farm Cheese requested to have a new brand identity to cover all its range. 

The identity: 

Farm Cheese brand promise focuses on the heritage and the «KNOW HOW» with leverage on the high quality dairy components they provide to their consumers

Quick talks with the client and the shareholders proved that the brand owned equities around premium quality, Experience and the European exposure. Consumers also believed that only Farm Cheese had the Dutch Experience in cheese industry.

Pledge Communications realized that by bringing these equities to life on-pack and creating a distinct, ownable graphic lockup for the new brand identity, we could strengthen the brand, allowing it to contend more effectively on label brands and on the shelves in general.



Focusing on Farm Cheese equities of Heritage and Top Quality and with the differentiation of the cheese categories range, we created the new Farm Cheese packaging story board.