The client: EMW

Egyptian Metal Works is one of the oldest and largest private sector companies in Egypt specializing in Copper Founded in 1938.



The mission:

With plans to expand to new markets and new products, EMW needed to modernize their image as well as any accompanying print material.



The process:

Upon studying the business and revisiting the existing image, it was obvious that the overall logo elements were scattered and too simplistic to reflect a market leader.
Our aim was to not deviate far from the general look of the current logo, but to give it an edge and a more premium look. Considerations were logo line art, typeface, colors as well as digital/ printing applications



The identity:

To better reflect the industry, we added more lines that would create depth and mimic the look of metal rings. We also changed the color to match their main line of business which is copper and selected a more modern typeface. The result is a visually strong premium looking brand.