Client: Drinkies:

20 Is the Magic Number:

It all started at the 20th anniversary. Wanting to show the quality of service Drinkies has achieved over 20 years of experience, we created a campaign focusing on the 3 pivotal points of strength that characterizes what Drinkies offer to their clients; service, quality and convenience. The campaign included expressive posters and vouchers with creative designs. 

The Mission:

A Step Forward:

After showing the value of the past we took together a leap into the future. With that approach we created digital ads going along with the new app Drinkies launched for its customers. 

Quality Delivered:

One of the most important approaches we took was to show the convenience of Drinkies’ delivery service. With many branches and a professional delivery crew, Drinkies is always there for you.

Spreading The Brand:

Our work for Drinkies covered a variety of channels to insure spreading the image of the brand to the target audience. We created digital ads, printed materials, danglers, voucher designs and more.

The Identity:

Less Is More:

As a brand-consulting agency we suggested simple changes that could make great positive impact on the brand image, like better utility of colors and logo simplification.

And The Story Continues:

After the success we reached together with Drinkies we have more plans to move forward with the brand strength. With every step we take new horizons appear in sight.