Client: Dr. Ashraf Adel

An esteemed doctor wishing to heal patients within a calming environment that promotes livelihood and art as opposed to other psychiatric clinics.


The mission:

To create a visual identity that communicated Dr. Adel’s strong affinity for nature and belief that there is a natural process to healing. By starting at the root of the problem and willing to embark on a journey to healing, he believed that all recovery was possible.


The process:

Not wishing to be perceived as another impersonal clinic, we drew on elements of nature that inspired growth and strength to spell out wellness and healing.


The identity:

To emulate the healing journey and the growth it entails, we used the strong oak tree with its deep extending roots into the ground and branches reaching towards the sky. A combination of warm earthy colors and vibrant green were used to communicate grounding and growth during the healing process.