Delicious Bakery Packaging

Delicious Bakery Packaging

Client: tbs

The mission:

After achieving tangible success and expansion since it started in 2010, the very promising market model of “Retail Bakery”, Delicious Bakery, was in need for refreshing its brand through a slick engaging look and feel.


The process:

Being inspired with the very special “bakery” experience, we were motivated to portray Delicious Bakery unique persona, of being fresh - baked in front of you, tasty - coming to you with the best chefs and recipes, sincere - baked with love, and original - made with high quality ingredients.

Highlighting these unique traits and inviting the retail consumers to enjoy a unique experience was our main goal from the uplifted visual identity.


The identity:

We created a unified look and feel for the brand, fine tuning for the brand colors and fonts while maintaining the original identity to keep the established recognition within the retail customers.

By then, we got the brand to the next step through creating various packaging designs for all the products, and harmonized messages through various communication materials, keeping the brand persona and tone of voice always fresh, inviting and sincere.