Client: Banati

Uplifting the Brand:

The brand personality lies mainly in the looks of it; the logo, the colors and the general theme of the design, that’s what tells us the story. Therefore, this was our focus when working on Banati. We focused on developing these elements, making them in harmony with each other. 

The Mission:

Visual Development:

A simple design approach with curved edges and clean spaces with colors suiting the subject is what the brand needed. Regarding the imagery selection, we have decided to utilise attractive images that has the ability to create both happiness and empathy.

Promoting the Positive image:

After developing the brand visually, we created many designs for different media, using the media that can promote the image of Banati and tell its story.


The Identity:

Focusing on Utility:

We wanted to express a professional attitude of an NGO without ignoring the fact that the brand aims to serve little girls, so we worked on developing the original logo utilizing its simple elegant font with curves to provide a more joyful soft impression, while re-adjusting it’s proportions to create a bilingual logo with higher utility in our modern globalized environment.