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Rebranding / Brand Guidelines / Visual Identity / Logo Revamping / Packaging Design

About Our client

Weiser company, was established in 1909, has been in the market for more than 100 years. It is considered the oldest cosmetics company in Egypt. It provides a wide variety of skin and hair care products.

Weiser Brand Colors
Weiser Brand Secondary Colors

The Challenge

Weiser brand had multiple challenges:

  • The brand needed to be more recognized and known to the target audience. It needed different local and international market channels to be seen through as well.
  • It needed different channels within the local and international market.
  • In order to achieve higher market share amongst competitors, it needed better sales activities/ promotions.
  • Brand equity needed to be built through decent packaging and communication messages.
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Pledge Communications_Work_Weiser_Posters

The Solution

Weiser approached Pledge Communications to support them in revisiting and developing the brand identity through:

  • Weiser logo revamping as well as developing a relevant slogan

  • Coming up with the logo guidelines as well as the brand dictionary

  • Developing the brand guidelines (look and feel)

  • Designing brand applications

  • Creating products packaging designs

  • Coming up with brand promotions

  • Developing a communication plan

  • Putting an action plan for the brand application
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Pledge Communications_Work_Weiser_Social Media1
Weiser Packaging1
Weiser Packaging2
Weiser Packaging3
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