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About Our client


Tekton is a specialized Furniture and Design House brand which manufactures every piece of furniture out of distinctive type of wood; from a single wood piece to a full design solution.



The Challenge

Tekton main challenge was to revamp the brand they had started. They approached us to work on and come up with a clear strategy that was needed to set the future action plans for the brand; gaining new opportunities and impacting clients lives. The strategy was the first step to the new full identity creation along with its applications.

Tekton Brand-Corporate Identity Flyer Design

The Solution

  • Managing brain storming sessions for Tekton strategic planning
  • Revisiting brand vision and business objectives


Tekton Brand Posters Designs
  • Copywriting brand positioning and brand tone of voice
  • Building brand full image (Logo, Full identity, Online branding, Offline branding, etc)
  • We also created and implemented the brand identity in event branding designs (i.e: Le Marche)

Tekton Brand Social Media Post Design1
Tekton Brand Social Media Post Design2
Tekton Brand Social Media Designs Mockup

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