What we do

What we do

Brand Audit & Research

Essential albeit overly underestimated, a brand audit and research will provide an exact diagnosis of why your brand isn’t performing as well as you would like to. Simply put, it doesn’t matter what you think your current reality is. How your customers, employees and other stakeholders view your brand is the only thing that does. A brand audit is what corrects a misconception and redirects a business that has been moving in the wrong direction.

If you’re interested in a brand audit, or if you have any questions, let’s start a conversation.

Brand Architecture

Accompanying a growing business is usually a new generation of brands, master brands and sub-brands that eventually create a flurry of brands competing to take the lead within the corporation.
Deciding who takes precedence and who should probably disappear in the background is a task that our strategists take on by helping you evaluate the equity in each of your brands, business units and organize the best way to go to market.

For a new perspective on your brand architecture, contact our brand strategists.

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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Based on audit findings, we lay down the tracks that will take your brand to where it needs to be. By creating a distinct purpose, positioning, target audience and identifying the practical ways for your operations to support that, we leave little room for ambiguity-that cancerous disease that is the death of all thriving young brands. And staying true to our promise of simplicity, we provide you with a single-page document with every brand driver you will need to make any brand decision moving forward.

Let’s find out where you belong together.

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Finding the right name for your brand is a tricky task, because you only get one shot. Sure some brands have been brave enough to undergo the “renaming” but it only weakens years of image building. We believe in doing all the hard work first and getting it right, the first time around.

Look at all the brands we’ve named! Let’s talk.

Visual Identity Design

When you can’t speak, your visual identity is going to do all the talking on your brand’s behalf. The choice of colors, typography and imagery when consistently communicated as an identifiable whole become the success of your visual identity. Your logo will never have to be a stand-alone icon exclusively handling the responsibility of carrying the brand’s identity on its shoulders.

If you are looking to create a new brand identity or revamp an existing one, we would love to help you out.

Brand Guidelines

This is your sacred book of rules that keeps your brand visually and verbally, steering down the straight and narrow. It ensures consistency in your brand’s look and feel, tone of voice and squashes any possibility of potential deviation from it. It’s basically what keeps your brand’s integrity in tact over the years but don’t worry, we will always be there to walk you through all its details and applications.

Contact us and we will guide you in the right way.

Brand Voice & Messaging

You may have nailed your brand’s visual identity but its distinct personality doesn’t stop there. A brand doesn’t just sit there looking pretty. It has to express itself, communicate clearly and have a voice that is uniquely its own.

Let us help you find your voice.

Taglines & Copywriting

The best kinds of messages are clear, concise and compelling. But because every brand has something to say and not everybody has the time or interest to listen, we help you find the right words that ensure you get heard.

Who isn’t an attention seeker anyway? Let us help you get all the attention you deserve.

Print Collaterals

Print material just got interesting again because we don’t believe that brochures and flyers are the end all of printing needs. In fact, we are always working to create unconventional collateral that alleviates the brand instead of force feeding it to your audience.

We print to impress.

Packaging Design

Packaging is the final point of communication between brand and customer before a purchase decision is made. This brand expression has one last shot at influencing your audience’s perception and is ultimately what loses or seals the deal.
So whether you need to revamp your current packaging or start completely new, we create designs that shine on the shelf.

Trust us on this one. We have the goods to prove it.