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About Our client

Wataneya Society works on providing innovative solutions in the alternative care sector, with the aim of creating a future full of equal opportunities for children and youth without parental care. In order to uphold its commitment to the community, Wataneya takes a holistic approach in developing the main pillars of the ecosystem.

The Challenge

Wataneya Society had a challenge in their strategic direction. They were in search for a consultant that would properly understand their work, where they come from and share with them their vision. The organization with the long history of issues related to orphans, wanted to revisit their direction to help them take the required growth steps down the right direction. A precise strategic approach was needed to be able to set precise effective action plans. That’s what we kept in mind throughout the whole consultancy process for Wataneya Society.

Sanad Consultancy Sessions

The Solution

We explored all Wataneya activities while assessing the process and unlocking new questions to come up with new ways and solutions. Our aim was to fulfill its vision through taking active measured steps. Throughout our project, we worked with Wataneya on workshop sessions and discussion groups bases:

  • Developing a clear understanding for Wataneya Unique Selling Preposition
  • Organizing and compiling Wataneya services and offerings
  • Categorizing different types of target audiences for Wataneya to focus on with a clear action plan towards each audience
Sanad Consultancy Discussion Groups
  • Coming up with the stakeholders mapping and their fitting communication strategy
  • Developing the most suitable communication messages to every targeted segment
  • Coming up with the organization new name ‘Sanad’ to reflect its role in orphans lives.
  • Crafting the fitting tagline ‘Sanad for Orphan’ 
  • Developing the fitting organization vision and mission according to the previous insights.
  • Designing the new identity to reflect the new organization vision and strategy
Sanad Consultancy Workshop Sessions
Sanad Consultancy
Sanad Consultancy Full Organization Workshop

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