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Sanad for alternatiive parental care

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About Our client

Sanad has been one of the most trusted organizations for its efforts in the alternative care field.
“Sanad” is the organization name empowering the orphans empowerment and hammering on their belonging and equal rights and responsibilities towards their nation.

The Challenge

Sanad has a history in the parental care field under the previous name ‘Wataneya’. In their rebranding, they were seeking expert guidance to chart their future course while harnessing the power of transition for brand brilliance. They cared to stay relevant to the needs of children without parental care.
After the branding strategy sessions implementation, Sanad needed to ensure that the charted strategy is well-translated and reflected in all new brand designs and communication channels.

Sanad Brand Identity - Logo Grid
Sanad Brand Identity - Colors
Sanad Brand Identity - Logo Reversed Out
Sanad-brand guidelines-stationary
Sanad-brand guidelines-business card design

The Solution

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Sanad, we embarked on a deep dive into their history and services. This involved:

  • Desk research: We conducted desk research to gain insights into Sanad’s industry landscape.

  • In-depth workshops: We held in-depth workshops with the board and stakeholders to gather their perspective.

Sanad brand identity-look & feel-mockup
Sanad brand identity-look & feel- billboard mockup

Leveraging these insights, we developed a strategic roadmap for Sanad, including:

  • Recommendations and action plans: We generated data-driven recommendations and action plans based on the market and competitor analysis.

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): We crafted a clear and compelling USP for Sanad, highlighting their unique value proposition.

  • SWOT analysis: We created a comprehensive SWOT analysis to identify Sanad’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Translating the brand strategy outcomes into a a n iconic visual identity that properly represents Sanad:

  • Brand Revamp: We revamped Sanad brand image through:
    1. Logo redesign: Uplifting the logo design to reflect a more modern and premium aesthetic. The logo highlights the individual without parental care and how it is supported through Sanad.
    2. Visual identity: Creating a new premium brand look and feel that aligns with the redefined brand.
      It is the brand tool to be used in future internal and external communication channels.
Sanad brand identity-social media design
Sanad brand identity-social media design2
Sanad brand identity-social media-mobile mockup
Sanad brand identity-indoor banners
Sanad brand identity-outdoor digital screen

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