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About Our client

Mintra factories are multidisciplinary and operate in a wide variety of areas of business. Mintra brand communicates product quality and affordability, whether it is a home, stationary, leather or even sports product. Their factories and product ranges are continuously expanding to offer the latest innovations and guarantee satisfaction.

The Challenge

Mintra launched a new athletic shoes production. They wanted to introduce the product to the market and make their target audience aware of the new product line. They approached us to design a new logo for the brand and create a brand identity which gives the image of a good quality and affordable sportive trainers.

The Challenge


We came up with a new logo which was derived from the qualities of an eagle: strong, fast, focused, and smooth. Our logo design was based on a geometric grid with tangent and intersecting circles. We used the golden ratio in determining the diameter of each circle to create Mintra’s logo.


A carefully selected font was designed to go with the designed logo. Our client was so happy with the designed new font size and decided to replace all their old font design with the new one across all product lines.

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