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HAMCO Chemicals & Building Materials

Rebranding / Brand Guidelines / Visual Identity / Logo Uplifting / Packaging Design

About Our client

Hamco is one of the leading B2B companies in the field of mining and chemicals in Egypt. Established since 1997; The company has a wide range of raw materials products as hydrated lime, quick lime, calcium carbonate and talc powder; and finishing materials as well.

The Challenge

Hamco company requested expert guidance for developing the company future strategy regarding their positioning and relevance to clients needs among other market competitors.

The need was for professional advice based on research to set the company direction and goals.

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The Solution

We dug deeply into Hamco company history, products and specialties to go through the following process:

  • Conduct a market research, in depth workshop with the owner as well as customer surveys to dig more into the industry.

  • Come up with recommendations and action plans for Hamco based on new market and competitor insights in the industry.

  • Develop Hamco unique selling preposition as well as its target markets for each one of their products.
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Hamco brand identity-look & feel-mockup
  • Crafting the company SWOT analysis and profiling their customer personas.

  • Uplifting the brand logo design and creating a new premium brand look and feel to adopt new clear brand pillars.

  • Revamping all the products designs to reflect the up-to-date brand identity.

Hamco brand identity-social media design
Hamco brand identity-social media design2
Hamco brand identity-packaging designs mockup
Hamco brand identity-packaging designs mockups2

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