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Green Meadows

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About Our client

Green Meadows has been a leading Egyptian market player in the food industry sector since 1970. It is the mother company for multiple brands with a remarkable portfolio ranging from high quality dairy products, to remarkable creamy sauces, and powder products that cover all the business, retail and end consumer needs.

The Challenge

Green Meadows requested a total revival for their brand, to create a new identity conveying their innovation, quality and profound industry experience to the Egyptian food industry.

Green Meadows Secondary Brand Colors
Green Meadows Brand Colors

The Solution

We deeply studied Green Meadows, its history and products and through the process, we;

  • Came up with the new identity concept; which combines meadows, the manufacturing process as well as their history all together

  • Created the new logo based on this concept, followed by the colors and brand look and feel

Green Meadows Brand-Multiple Posters Design
  • Developed the full brand identity and guidelines

  • Designed the brand company profile and corporate identity

  • Created multiple brand applications as packaging and campaigns..etc

Green Meadows Brand-Poster Design
Green Meadows Brand-Sticker Design
Green Meadows Brand Corporate Identity Design
Brand Packaging

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