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Dell Technologies

Internal Communication / Office Branding / Concepts Development / Visual Execution

Dell Technologies-Values

The Challenge

Dell Technologies approached Pledge Communications to develop and come up with the company internal communication strategy. The company relocation into a new building was a chance to internally enhance and highlight their work culture and introduce the employees to the company distinctive values. 

Dell Technologies Ambient Environment

The Solution

Our approach started by Dell Technologies company inspection, which included: departments, floors and internal culture inspection. Magic happened when we transformed these into communication concepts to reflect Dell culture in internal visual messages. The concepts were:

  • Communicating Dell Technologies Vision Towards Supporting Community with “Integrated Solutions”
  • Hammering on Dell Technologies Values Using Dell Technologies 5 Secondary Colors
  • Portraying Dell Technologies Experiences Through “Abstract Images”

Dell Technologies Themed Meeting Room
Dell Technologies-Posters Design

The Integrated Solutions

  • Creating a Dynamic Fresh Theme
  • Using Circular Grid System with Wide White Spaces

Values Color Coding

  • Using color coding for each floor to be applied on all floor visibility; main entrance, open space areas, meeting rooms, cafeterias, etc..
Dell Technologies-Themed Office1
Dell Technologies-Themed Office2

The Abstract Experience

  • Creating an inviting atmosphere for the employees
  • Giving a flexible branding theme applicable for various messages
Dell Technologies-Floor Design Concept

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