Sherry Internship Experience

Sherry Internship Experience
  • Feb 23 2017

On the first day of internship at Pledge Communications I got to meet with the MD of the agency, Maged.
We talked about different topics, beginning with my hobbies and ending with questioning my own definition of success. It was an enthusiastic conversation in which we got to know each other more; it also helped Maged understand my personality type. It seemed like a good start.

On my first day I got to know my teammate Peter, who studies Graphic Design as well.
We got introduced to the tasks assigned to us, which included branding, mockups and logo visual explanations for the company’s website.
As Peter had taken an internship here before, he was more experienced with the work and was asked to teach me everything he does. The deal was, as made by Maged, if my work turned out to be bad then Peter will be the one blamed for it. However, if the work was impressive, the credit goes to me.
Looks like a good deal.

So it was time to get started.

Our First Project:
Our first project was Kouroum of the Nile’s Shahrazade wine bottle label. As Peter and I worked more together we faced some difficulties, since each one of us has a different way of working. It took us a lot of patience and perseverance. However, this did not prevent us from doing a great project as we found ways to deal with our differences and manage to get the work done in the best way possible.

Photography Session:
One of the best and most beneficial experiences was taking a photography session with the successful photographer George Fakhry. George Fakhry, is a well known photographer started his career totally from scratch by teaching himself and experiencing photography with his own camera. He was quite passionate about photography that he even started creating his own photography tools, until he finally made his way through and became a great photographer.
He showed us some of his great work and introduced us to many photography and food styling techniques for the shoots that he had us apply in the studio, which was quite interesting!


After a few days of gaining some experience and knowledge required for the work, I started working individually on a project called 3C’s.I actually preferred and enjoyed working on my own. I didn't feel pressured and felt free to explore and express my ideas for the project easily. Monica, a senior Graphic Designer was helping me in my individual work, telling me her opinion and giving me advice when I needed it. Meanwhile, Peter had finished EMW and started his new project. I think he works much quicker on his own and produces good results too.

Working individually, however, did not mean that the team was broken in any way. It only showed that we all have different ways of working and taught us to rise above these differences. At the end we showed our work to each other and got help when needed.

Art Therapy Session:
During my last couple of days, i got the chance to share in an art therapy session, which was a new, delightful experience.The session was basically about expressing what’s inside of us through art. The session ended by a group discussion in which we shared how we felt. Getting to play my own music albums throughout the day, added to the fun of the day.



The Work:
Some of the important things I learned throughout my internship, was gaining better understanding of what branding companies do. Moreover, it was encouraging to see the results of my work, as I initially did not expect to find myself able to produce such results of my work, as I initially did not expect to find myself able to produce such results. This encouraged me as well to design things in personal activities.

Finally, we presented our work to all the senior team in the company. The feedback from them was positive and the comments on the work were very helpful.


Being my first experience in a branding company, I feel very satisfied and happy with the improvement of my skills, the working strategies I came up with, and the great people I met there. The process of the projects was not that easy, but it created a great, mesmerising experience! Which was totally worth it.

Last but not least the best part in this internship was ordering pizza and eating it together.



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