Peter Internship Experience

Peter Internship Experience
  • Sep 11 2017

A Pledge to Move Forward
This year’s Internship might have been my second one at Pledge Communications, but it sure was first of a kind; it all started when I called mister Maged the MD and asked him to join them this year and told him that I want to prove myself and he did welcome me, giving me a one month internship where I would start with a team-mate.

The Tasks:
My basic task was to co-operate with my team-mate in creating credentials for previous projects created by pledge, and at the end of my internship period they would be uploaded at the official Pledge Communications website, of course that was a great step for me, the first of my work ever to be published officially online, little did I know that I would work on other interesting projects throughout the internship, but I will come to that later.

My Team-mate:
My team-mate was a very nice girl called Sherry, she was very co-operative and creative, I worked with her for a while then we separated to try working solo for some time, and she sure did a great job working solo as well as working with me in the team.

Great Experiences:
Throughout my internship I had many amazing experiences, for example:
Mister Maged gave us the chance to meet a Pro photographer who did work for many big companies, we spent the day with him learning all about photography and products photo shooting.

We had an expressive art session where we learned how to express our feelings in abstract paintings.

I got the chance to spend quality time with my work colleagues and eat or do some activities together.
After some time I got a new task, working on a label design and, that gave me a chance to work on something that could one day be a real product.
I got to put notes on the creative crew wall, a wall with key-words related to the work of a graphic designer written on it, every member of Pledge’s family can write notes about one of these words and stick it next to the word.

A Pledge to Learn
This year I wanted to enhance my skills and abilities at work, and I did, I learned more about photography and art, I learned more about work quality and deadlines, I learned more about teamwork and work environment and most importantly I learned more about myself.

A Pledge to Discover My Potential
In my opinion the most valuable thing I got this year was to discover my true points of strength as a graphic designer, with the help of mister Maged, I found that I have great potential at the art direction and photo manipulation, I also found that I am very passionate about them, and I will take this into my consideration, aiming to work on these points and mastering those skills.

In the end I would like to say that I am very glad that I had such an experience and proud that I got the chance to work in a place I truly believe in.. Pledge Communications.

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