Marina Internship Experience

Marina Internship Experience
  • Apr 22 2020

On the day of my interview, I could already tell that this place was different than other places I worked at. They were more interested in getting to know about my personality than my previous experiences, and when I started the internship I understood why.

There’s a special dynamic among people in this studio that just makes you feel comfortable and encouraged.

From the first day I could already tell I was going to like working here. And sure enough, I did!

I never expected to get to know everyone and be myself that fast. I love how nice and down to earth everyone is and how much they genuinely like to help out. Everyone here works hard, but they also know how to have fun.

Honestly, I came into this not expecting much, based on previous internships. Maged Maher, the owner of Pledge Communications, exceeded my expectations. He makes sure to teach me new things and expose me to new experiences every time he gets a chance.

I realized that I like working in groups, brainstorming and thinking out loud. And when I hit a wall during a design process, I never hesitate to go ask for help because their doors are always open.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this internship and I’m very appreciative to every single person in this place.

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