Are movie posters in a design crisis?

Are movie posters in a design crisis?
  • Mar 25 2018


As the film industry continues to prosper day after day, it becomes evident that it is one of the most influential fields of all time. And of course, movie posters, and their design, play a massive role in promoting the success of a movie.

Almost everyone in the performing business is aware of the “AIDA” concept, which is a “four-step formula” used to grab the attention of the audience. Attention, interest, desire and action are the so-called ingredients for the movie’s success. And so, most designers resort to including the movie star on the poster, which could be seen as a popular design as it ensures grabbing the attention of the audience.

Despite the success of the posters, and the revenue that the films make, Sammy Maine asks a critical question: Are movie posters in a design crisis?

It is said that perhaps the introduction of Photoshop has made it easier for inexperienced designers to make movie posters. However, a professional designer will know how to connect the poster’s elements in order to make it flow, and appear seamless. It should also be noted that film posters are not designed to appear artistic, but rather, their purpose is to appeal to a large base.

When posters are star-driven, the designer may not focus on the color palette and composition, and so the design becomes unprofessional, and the colours are out of balance.

While many filmmakers continue to focus on the profit being made,and are used as marketing tools,  online artists have taken it upon themselves to remake film posters. This by default offers an individual’s insight into the design, and therefore presents the theme or idea of the movie within the poster. And so, this gives us hope that movie posters could once again, become design intended.   

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