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  • Apr 22 2020

Marina Internship Experience

On the day of my interview, I could already tell that this place was different than other places I worked at. They were more interested in getting to know about my personality than my previo...

  • Mar 25 2018

Are movie posters in a design crisis?

  As the film industry continues to prosper day after day, it becomes evident that it is one of the most influential fields of all time. And of course, movie posters, and their design,...

  • Mar 25 2018

Know Your Patterns

Worn by everyone from rock-stars to cartoon characters, animal prints are without a doubt one of the most recognized fashion trends. But that’s just one example of how popular prints a...

  • Jan 30 2018

The Billboard Effect

From New York to Cairo, billboards are everywhere. And city life often forces daily commuters to suffer the effects of visual pollution. Whether it is accidents or the dismantling of beauty ...

  • Jan 28 2018

The Last Thread of Communication

Whether it’s Tiffany’s or cereal, packaging makes a bold statement. In fact, it is often stated that it is the last thread of communication between a product and its consumer. A...

  • Sep 11 2017

Peter Internship Experience

A Pledge to Move ForwardThis year’s Internship might have been my second one at Pledge Communications, but it sure was first of a kind; it all started when I called mister Maged the MD...

  • Feb 23 2017

Sherry Internship Experience

On the first day of internship at Pledge Communications I got to meet with the MD of the agency, Maged.We talked about different topics, beginning with my hobbies and ending with questioning...