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Agility is A New Must

Have you ever wondered why are cheetahs the fastest land animals?
They may hold the distinction of being the fastest animals on land, but these elegant felines also owe their hunting power to their ability to rapidly accelerate and maneuver around tight turns. They go after their preys and succeed in hunting them by exerting the needed efforts depending on their abilities and the prey speed.

Agility is A New Must

The global markets have recently been shifting. Brands have been hugely affected by these changes, where brands that lack the core for their essence might be facing a hard time nowadays; as they either tend to accommodate to the extent of losing their identity, or might be responding to change with rigidness ending them up left behind among the fast-paced market.

Agility in Brands_Tekton_Tektonize Your Home

Agility is the key word here. Building a brand that enables your business to respond innovatively to the new opportunities in the market is an asset.

Same goes with agile brands; they have a solid core essence accompanied with their ability to adapt and maneuver around the newest customer and market trends and needs. They have a unique preposition, a message, a target niche and a clear vision and mission, but they also have the pivoting ability; they are flexible enough to remove, switch, innovate, ditch or recreate their position. They are neither rigid nor too bendy, they are simply agile brands.

Agility in Brands_Smartex

Your brand agility may take many forms; digital transformation, adding a new feature to your product or even complete rebranding and it’s definitely an art to master this balance. It’s what we absolutely enjoy doing with our clients, and the above two examples show how agility can take different forms.

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