Kiddo Dallah - Beyti

Kiddo Dallah - Beyti

Client: Dallah:


Dallah is a Juice Nectar meant to target kids segment in the export market especially Europe and North America, the client was launching a new juice nectar under their brand name but with a different name, logo and packaging.


The Mission:

Understanding the Target Audience:

We began the process by studying the target audience, how the kids react to a product and what adults need to find in it, and through understanding the target audience we could find the elements that can create a successful product. 

Going for It:

We started to create a design based upon what kids want; colorfulness, attractive colors and stories, while putting into consideration the practical elements that the parents want to see like nutrition facts and a good design.

The Identity:

Kiddo for Kids:

With all these factors put into consideration throughout the designing process we could achieve a result attractive for kids and practical for parents, having an easy name with creative logo representation, story-telling characters enjoying their playing activities, detailed graphics and stunning packaging colors.